Mobile X-Rays

Our certified technologists perform all exams using the latest digital imaging technology, providing exceptional image quality.

High resolution digital images are taken on-site and uploaded to our server, allowing our radiologists instant access and fast turn-around of reports.

Mobile Ultrasound

We provide all general ultrasound sturdies including arterial, vascular and venous doppler studies.

Mobile EKG

We provide EKG services using an 8 X 10 EKG system in conjunction with computer interpretation. 

STAT Exams

STAT exams may be requested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once your request for an exam is placed our technologist can be at your location within an hour.

Once the exam is completed and uploaded our radiologists will have a report ready within the hour. Complete turn-around time for a STAT study is generally 15 minutes to an hour.

PACS Access

All images and reports are stored on our online PACS that is fast, secure and easy to use. Images can be magnified, measured, printed and viewed in various formats. 

Call us and we’ll provide a demonstration and access to our system.